"Never tell me the odds!" - Han Solo

What are your odds of success for what you are about to do? For a business strategy to “make it” the baseline idea must be worthy, the assumptions must be solid and the execution must be timely. It’s a market battle for acknowledgement and acceptance. You’ll never know what you missed until you hit a wall – which is why businesses need every advantage at their disposal. Idea Gateway greatly increases your odds of success.

Foundation First

Despite misconceptions, adequate funding is rarely ever the problem for growth companies. It’s more often a poor business model that ultimately hampers their potential.

Lead The Money

Money follows confidence. And confidence is created when reliable research and measurable growth have been successfully and repeatedly demonstrated in the market.

Diligence is Due

Everything we do begins with an unbiased research foundation. This effort prevents unnecessary and unwelcome surprises, while also identifying lasting opportunities for the business. We can be both your champion and your proactive critic so that we don't miss something important.


Ear To The Ground

Context is key. Timing, trends, sentiment, and business climate combine to create a context that is ever-changing. Maintaining awareness is critical for sustained success.

Prepare For "Plan B"

Nearly every business ends up pivoting once new information is made available. Not to worry: there is always more than one path to success. We’ll help you chart it.

Two Steps Ahead

Competitors will always offer a swift response to your maneuvers. Having an advance strategy is necessary for ensuring that future efforts are not rendered ineffective.


The number of new businesses that are started each month in the United States.


The percentage of startups that fail to offer a product that the market actually demands.


The average monthly revenue generated by small businesses.


The percentage of startups that fail to raise sufficient capital and abandon entrepreneurship.

Our Track Record

Idea Gateway maintains an investor and advisor relationship with these ventures and many more. Visit our Companies page to read their stories.