The Idea Gateway team, as co-founder, actively participates and contributes IP to each year’s program. We believe Dallas, Texas is a fantastic hub for retail, restaurant and hospitality technology development.

RevTech is a venture accelerator and seed capital fund dedicated to identifying and developing early-stage, high-growth ventures, especially focused upon leveraging technology.RevTech Banner

Through a 12-week program of acceleration, RevTech provides selected participants with seed capital, office space, a team of dedicated, entrepreneurial mentors, education and development opportunities, and a wide range of free and discounted technical and business services.

The program culminates on Pitch Day, during which participants will have an opportunity to present their venture to angel investors, venture capitalists and others. Recent pitch events have had over $2 billion in investment capital seated in the audience.

With a special focus on high-quality entrepreneurial mentors, RevTech offers participants a unique opportunity to fund, develop and launch their business with the support and expertise of mentors who have been through the launch of their own companies and been successful.